A few of our most common questions answered

Provided there is no break in your policy cover, you can claim for your pets ongoing treatment for as long as necessary. Please be advised that the total amount you can claim will depend on the monetary limits detailed on your policy.

Yes of course; however, we just need your vet to confirm to us that an emergency consultation was essential on the claim form.

It’s sadly not covered under complementary treatment, but the good news is that you can claim for behavioural illness under the veterinary fees section of your policy with us.

These are vet recommended treatments that you can claim for against the policy in addition to veterinary fees. The treatments we can provide cover for are acupuncture, homeopathy, chiropractic manipulation, hydrotherapy (up to 10 sessions per condition claimed) and osteopathy.

No; we sadly don’t cover any veterinary treatment that relates to breeding.

Cover for injury starts immediately. Cover for illnesses on all of our policies starts 15 days after the policy start date. However, if your pet is under the age of 6 and has had a health check 48 hours before the policy start date, you have immediate cover for both illnesses and injuries.

Yes we do, providing your pet has seen by your vets and have had an annual dental check-up every year. Just to make you aware though, we sadly don’t cover any costs for either routine or cosmetic dentistry, this may include descaling, polishing, rasping and burring.

If your furry friend needs to be either castrated or spayed for medical reasons, such as testicular tumours or pyometra (womb infection), then we would look to cover this. We sadly don’t cover any costs for either routine castration or spaying.

No; our policies do not cover annual vaccinations or preventative healthcare products, such as wormers or flea treatments.

If your vet has claimed for something we don’t provide cover for, such as claim form admin fees, or if your claim exceeds the insured amount, then you will have to pay any additional costs towards the claim.

Our lifetime policies provide cover for veterinary treatment costs, due to illness or injury, for the lifetime of your pet. However, we do not cover any illness or injury (including clinical signs) which happened before cover started.

Although cover is annually renewable, provided we offer and you accept our renewal invitation, your pet will benefit from continuous cover, including costs for recurring conditions. Once renewed the maximum limits for the cover selected will be available again.

It is important to note policy terms and conditions can change over time, for example in addition to any excess payable you will be required to contribute to the cost of treatment once your pet reaches 10 years of age (7 years for selected breeds). Additionally, premiums will increase due to factors such as your pet’s age, claims history and our view of future costs of providing cover.

We will do all we can to make the claims process as easy as possible. If you are worrying about if we will cover your pet for a condition, we will do all we can to help. You are able to submit a pre-authorisation claim to us; this is where were can fully assess a potential claim, prior to you going ahead with any veterinary treatment itself. If you do want to do this, we will look into this within 48 hours and we can then confirm if we can accept the claim before you incur any veterinary costs.

There are two options available to you, with regards to settling any veterinary bills; as your insurer, we do offer the service to issue payment, directly to your veterinary practice. In doing so you would be required to pay your policy excess directly to your attending veterinary practice and then your practice would look to recover the costs of the veterinary treatment from us. (Please note – direct claims are at veterinary practices discretion and you would need to discuss this option with them, prior to submitting a claim). Alternatively, there is the alternate option of a pay and claim service, whereby you, the policyholder, would pay for any veterinary fees and reclaim the costs incurred back from us.

Yes; you can either pay for the policy in full or you can pay by monthly direct debits at no extra cost.

No not at all, whilst we hope you never need to cancel your policy with us, you can cancel your policy at any time; this is by telephone, email or letter.

Insurance premiums can increase, this is due to factors such as your pet’s age, claims history and our view of future costs of providing cover. Just to make sure you are happy with your policy and the premium we offer, we will always contact you at least 14 days prior to your policy renewal date.

This is either an illness or injury that occurred, or first showed clinical signs, before your policy start date with us.

We are sadly unable to consider any or all claims that either relate or are linked to any pre-existing conditions.

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